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Fields of application

Organic farming

Allies of sustainable farming.

Two-wheel tractors are the best allies of productions and crops linked to sustainable farming.

Thanks to the possibility of combining two-wheel tractors with multiple attachments, they make it possible to take care of crops throughout the year performing, in addition to preparing the soil, a multitude of operations: from mowing to mechanical weeding, passing through the maintenance of green areas.

All this by adapting to environmentally friendly farming techniques, such as organic farming.

A multitude of advantages.

BCS professional two-wheel tractors offer a multitude of advantages when compared with small tractors:

  • reduced dimensions

  • less weight

  • reversibility of the driver’s seat,

  • manoeuvrability

  • versatility

  • less aggressive action on the ground

They can comfortably work on small plots of land and on very uneven or difficult to access grounds, such as terraced crops.


With reduced power and with a lower economic investment, the two-wheel tractors keep the costs of activity to a minimum, representing the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses that look to farming of organic products.

Consistent with cutting-edge farming.

Easier to handle and less aggressive on the ground than tractors, less polluting and more consistent with the requirements of organic farming certifications, the two-wheel tractors combine the efficiency of the engines with the qualities of lightness and multifunctionality, adapting to a cutting-edge farming model without affecting the environment.

BCS manufactures a complete range of two-wheel tractors to meet the needs of part-time farmers, especially professional farmers.


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