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Narrow and agile between the rows.

Compact dimensions, agility and versatility are fundamental characteristics for tractors intended to work in vineyards.

With a great variety of system types and distances between the rows, viticulture often means the presence of narrow rows and reduced manoeuvring spaces that make driving the tractor difficult, even more so when operating on hills or mountains.

All of this must also be go along with the need for precision when working in the vineyard, where productivity is closely linked to rigorous and careful care of the system. The purchase of specialised machines for the vineyard capable of responding to these needs improves the speed of interventions and reduces the costs of cultivation.

Very high specialisation.

Innovative in every construction detail, the BCS vineyard tractors have limited dimensions, narrow wheel tracks, reduced wheelbase and turning radius to operate efficiently even in very narrow system layouts, headlands included, ensuring adequate handling when entering and exiting the rows.

With respect to traditional vineyard tractors with the same power, isodiametric tractors have a lower centre of gravity which makes them stable even on slopes, they are more compact and lighter, representing a valid alternative to crawler tractors in hillside viticulture.

In fact, the presence of 4 wheels of the same diameter and the cantilevered engine with an optimal weight distribution makes them extremely stable and performing even when working on slopes, making every cultivation quick and safe.

The presence of the reversible drive offers maximum comfort when working with attachments that require continuous and careful visual control, adding precision and operational safety.

A tractor for each vineyard.

The very high specialisation of BCS vineyard tractors is also perfectly expressed in the design of the hydraulic system capable of ensuring a high flow of pressurised oil, a wide availability of directional control valves and an adequate capacity to cool the service fluid.

The performance of the hydraulic system at the service of the numerous hydraulically operated attachments ensures maximum versatility of use of BCS tractors in every seasonal operation, with the possibility of also using combined attachments.

The range of BCS vineyard tractors is full of design solutions, differentiated versions according to the steering type, a wide choice of tyres and optional accessories that make it possible for each winery to configure the tractor in a “tailored” manner, making it ideal for one’s production process.