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Fields of application

Mountain haymaking

Stability and safety in mountain haymaking.

Working on mountain terrain means dealing with irregularly shaped plots, steep slopes and a great variety of situations on a daily basis.

This is why the choice of tractors is extremely important in mountain haymaking. They not only have to be reliable and efficient, but have excellent stability and adherence to the ground.

Added to this is the quality of work: since production values in mountain areas are generally much lower than in lowland farms, it becomes essential to compensate for the lower production with the qualitative excellence of the produced fodder.

Isodiametric tractors MT version: designed for mountains.

BCS offers a line of isodiametric tractors with reversible driving position and wide wheel track that are an essential ally in mountain haymaking. In addition to being characterised by high specialisation, they are able to ensure stability and safety on every piece of land.

The presence of 4-wheel drive maximises traction and at the same time provides efficient engine braking when going downhill.

The low centre of gravity, the wide platform together with the high degree of elasticity of the engine, make it possible to easily overcome the slope variations typical of the mountain landscape.

All models are equipped with the exclusive OS-Frame chassis which allows the fore-carriage to oscillate up to 15° compared to the rear-carriage, stabilising the set-up on uneven ground and ensuring maximum drive of the four wheels always adhering to the ground.

Performance and comfort at maximum levels.

The strong propensity for mowing operations is given by the presence of the Dual Floating System® alongside the hydraulic suspension with nitrogen accumulator which optimises the load on the ground of the attachments applied to the third point, favouring its “floating”.

Find out more about Dual Floating System®

Reversible driving position also provides excellent visibility of the attachments, in particular during mowing, so it is possible to finish the border areas of the pieces of land in the best possible way and safely.

Low-compaction tread tyres prevent damaging the grass, while the large air-conditioned cab offers unrivalled driving comfort.

The perfect match.

The MT version tractors, with wide wheel track and low centre of gravity, coupled to the front-disc mowers of the Rotex Edelweiss or Rotex Avant NT series are the perfect construction for mowing in the mountains and, in general, on sloping terrain.


  • Compactness: minimum overhang of the mower compared to the tractor.
  • Optimal weight distribution: 50% on the front axle and 50% on the rear one.
  • Stability even on side slopes thanks to the low centre of gravity and wide wheel track.
  • Minimum power absorption from the tractor’s PTO.