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Working in the orchard without restrictions.

Among the specialised cultivations, fruit growing is among the most demanding in terms of mechanisation. In addition to the limits in width due to the presence of short rows, there are also the limits in height in the event of forms of farming with low foliage.

Due to these characteristics, the strong specialisation of tractors intended for use in orchards materialises in multiple aspects: from the need for small dimensions to high manoeuvrability, up to the need for a “tailored” customisation of the tractor, which makes it possible to adapt it to any type of system and to the rich panorama of specific attachments.

Low height and low centre of gravity.

With respect to classic orchard tractors with the same power, the BCS isodiametric tractors offer compact dimensions, both in width and height, low weight and short wheelbase, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability in all orchards on flat ground and hills.

The presence of a low centre of gravity and consequently of a lower driving position makes it easy to work under the foliage in the cultivation of any fruit species and form of farming, avoiding damage to the fruit on the plants.

The reversibility of the driver’s seat adds a further advantage in processes that require precision and movement of loads with the use of a fork-lift, as in the case of harvesting where, through the 180-degree rotation of the driver’s seat, every action becomes fast, comfortable and precise.

The EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser, available on top-of-the-range tractors, further facilitates and speeds up manoeuvres that involve reversing.

Find out more about EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser

Customisation for great versatility.

BCS orchard tractors are highly versatile. This aspect is highlighted by the ability to customise each model in the range according to one’s needs, choosing the type of steering, driving position, number of hydraulic directional control valves and much more.

The use of an electronically controlled joystick provides full and precise control of all the tractor’s hydraulics, making the attachments easy to use and adding operating comfort.

BCS also paid the utmost attention to safety with disc brakes in oil bath to make every activity in the orchard and when driving on the road safe.