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Working in greenhouses without difficulty.

Garden-flower-nursery is one of the most important sectors of specialised farming.

In fact, greenhouse cultivation makes it possible to anticipate production times and extend cultivation times throughout the year through the succession of multiple cultivation cycles, offering the possibility of producing out of season vegetables.

Based on the multiple advantages of protected cultivation, greenhouse mechanisation is being constantly developed to respond in an increasingly professional manner to the space limitations associated with indoor cultivation.

Low and easy to handle.

Limited tractor height and low driving position are at the basis of the BCS solutions for greenhouse crops.

The aim is to make it possible for the tractor to easily pass inside greenhouses, using all the space available in height, and get as close as possible to the curved wall of the tunnel. This is why BCS tractors are well suited to work in greenhouses thanks to their particularly low height and optimal weight/power ratio.

BCS tractors also show great manoeuvrability and steering qualities in the small spaces of greenhouses thanks to the availability of isodiametric versions with central articulation “AR” or equipped with double steering system “Dualsteer®” with central articulation and front steering wheels, also available in SDT version.

Simple and robust, the BCS tractors are extremely versatile and can be coupled with any attachment, with the ability to also work at low speeds.

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Maximum respect for the soil.

The low weight of BCS tractors is also significantly important when used in greenhouses: the lightweight of the vehicles reduces soil compaction, safeguarding its structure and fertility, as well as decreasing fuel consumption.

The wide availability of tyres of different size and width makes it possible to achieve good ground clearance so that the wheels are always kept in the furrows of wheel tracks, further preserving the land.

BCS also offers solutions with wide wheels to enhance the floating ability of the tractor when preparing the soil for sowing, further reducing compaction.

Finally, all the BCS range models have high lifting capacities at the three-point hitch and have a folding roll-bar or, optionally, comfortable low profile cabs.