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Only with original spare parts will you be sure to maintain the performance of your BCS unaltered.


Your BCS machine offers high performance every day in total safety and you will surely want it to continue working as it did on the first day, providing the same performance and reliability.

This is why you should choose only original BCS spare parts, made by those who design and build the machines according to high quality standards!


  • Over 35,000 items in stock, ready to be shipped.
  • Supply is guaranteed because we continue to manufacture spare parts up to 15 years after the machine is out of production.
  • Perfect logistic organisation to ensure that the spare part you need reaches your BCS Dealer in the shortest possible time.
  • Great value for money.


A team of trained and available specialists ensure efficient and impressive after-sales service.


All maintenance and repair operations require perfect knowledge of the machine. This is why the BCS Groups constantly invests in technical training courses for its dealers and importers at Abbiategrasso (Milan) and Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) manufacturing plants.

And this is why, thanks to their technical experience and knowledge, only BCS authorised dealers will be able to offer you the best service!


A complete line of PowerLube lubricants to protect and ensure the efficiency of your BCS over time.


The original PowerLube lubricants are the only ones that guarantee both the hydraulic and mechanical components of BCS two-wheel tractors, motor mowers and tractors to run properly, thereby ensuring they are kept perfectly efficient over time.

The PowerLube line, available in different packages and for different uses, consists of brand new lubricants formulated with a synthetic base and a package of cutting-edge additives, suitable for reducing wear and always ensure top performance.

An efficient machine also means saving fuel and reducing emissions to the benefit of environmental protection.