‘Compact Pro’ cab | Fighter range

Maximum protection.

The ‘Compact Pro’ cab is Rops (Roll over protective structure) approved in the event of the vehicle overturning and certified in Category 4 according to the European standard UNI EN 15695-1.

Category 4, associated with pressurisation and triple-stage active carbon filters, provides the operator with maximum protection against dust, aerosols and vapours during phytosanitary treatments.

The display with liquid crystal, located on the right upright of the cabin, allows you to monitor the pressure inside the cab.

Super-low cab.

The steel monocoque chassis, completely independent from the tractor, is mounted on silent block which isolate the cab from the undercarriage, preventing noise and vibrations from reaching the operator.

The super-low profile, tapered and trailing, is indispensable for working in environments characterised by dense vegetation and between narrow rows, even on steep slopes.

The low height off the ground of only 170 cm at the apex of the cab, makes use under the foliage, in pergola vineyards, canopy plantations and greenhouses extremely easy.

The two pairs of LED work lights at the front and rear can be adjusted and considerably increase visibility when working at night or in low visibility conditions.