Easy Plus™ clutch

Always smooth and progressive engagements.

The multidisc clutch in oil bath with hydraulic control is controlled by a new software that, thanks to the work algorithms, optimises the use of the clutch by the operator, avoiding jerky start-up.

Thanks to the Easy Plus™ clutch, progressive engagement is guaranteed, without jerky movements and wear.

The system, which doesn’t need any adjustments by the operator, engages the clutch in a very short time, with the added advantage of minimising wear and tear of the clutch parts.

It is remarkable that the clutch pedal can also be quickly released on a slope and with a load while still achieving a smooth start with a fast clutch engagement.

The concrete advantages:

  • Always smooth and progressive clutch engagements.
  • Jerk-free start-ups even with a sudden release of the clutch pedal.
  • Clutch protection.
  • Less wear and tear on the machine.

Electro-hydraulic clutch at top.

This function, unique among isodiametric tractors, is possible thanks to the new vehicle control unit of very high automotive standards, with software developed by the BCS Group, that has allowed us to get the most from the electro-hydraulic clutch.