MultiFloat Frame®

Perfect adaptation even on uneven ground.

The MultiFloat Frame® is a multi-movement chassis supported by patented parallelogram linkage, with torsion bar for transversal balancing of the cutter bar.

This ensures the NEVA maximum adaptability to any type of soil, while maintaining the ground weight of the bar unchanged by means of two stabilising springs.

Protection from impacts against hidden obstacles.

The overcoming of any obstacle in a collision or uphill mowing, is ensured by the possibility of performing three simultaneous movements:

  1. Move backwards

  2. Lift

  3. Turn


What makes NEVA unique, thanks to the MultiFloat Frame®, is that the cardan shaft is released from the cutter bar, thus leaving it free to move back with respect to the tractor, minimising the impact force, as well as performing the various movements around the axles imposed by the structure of the terrain on which it works.

Mower-conditioner with MultiFloat Frame® technology