PowerSafe® Series

The evolution of the two-wheel tractor.

Ever since 2009 the PowerSafe® series has represented an evolution of two-wheel tractors – expanding their operational capacity and pool of users.

In fact, the two-wheel tractor, basically designed for soil preparation, has become a versatile ally that can perform a wide range of operations, besides the classic tilling: greens maintenance, inter-row mowing in vineyards and orchards, haymaking, cleaning of driveways and snow removal.

Hydraulic clutch: performance, safety and ergonomics.

The users were originally within the agricultural sector, however, they have diversified and include maintenance operators, advanced hobbyists and users of the rental market.

The PowerSafe® series, thanks to the innovative hydraulic clutch with multiple discs in oil bath, together with enhanced performance ensures higher levels of safety and greater ergonomics.

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