The myth is renewed

The iconic 622 returns to face the new challenges of the present.

The iconic 622, heir to the first mower powered by an internal combustion engine that radically revolutionised agriculture in the early 1940s thanks to its high production capacity, returns to face the new challenges of the present.

But preserving in its soul the experience of more than 80 years of history and great quality by BCS.


A cosmetic but above all technical restyling has enabled the 622 PowerSafe® to comply with the EC Machinery Directive on the safety of motor mowers.


New engines and new PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch.

Available in two versions, with a cutter bar for mowing forage or with a reaper binder for cutting and tying in sheaves, the 622 PowerSafe® is now equipped with both diesel and petrol engines and is now fitted with the patented PowerSafe® clutch.


Already fitted on the entire range of BCS motor mowers and two-wheel tractors, the PowerSafe® clutch with hydraulically actuated multi-discs oil bath clutch guarantees:

  • maximum reliability
  • greater comfort
  • total safety for the operator
  • high performance in all conditions of use.


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