Stage V | Articulated isodiametric tractors

Invictus 35 AR

25 hp (Stage V) isodiametric tractor. Compact dimensions, narrow wheel track and reduced turning radii.


Invictus 35 AR is a multi-functional isodiametric tractor intended for hobby-farmers, semi-professionals and small farms specialised in greenhouses, vegetable gardens, nurseries and micro-row cultivations.

The Invictus 35 range is the only one in its category that offers an articulated version.

Transmission 8+4
POWER 25 hp
Driving position monodirectional
MIN. WIDTH 989 mm

AR | Articulated

The OS-Frame and the power steering acting on the central joint of the tractor ensure agility between the rows and reduced turning radii.

The Invictus 35 range is also available in the ‘AR Junior Micro’ super-narrow version, ‘RS’ version with steering wheels or ‘RS Junior’ version with essential standard equipment.

Technical Data

Kubota D1105 – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 18.5 / 25
Nominal speed (rpm) 3000
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement (cm3) 1123
Aspiration Natural
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 71.5 / 2200
Type Isodiametric
Chassis Articulated
Driving position Monodirectional
Transmission 8 + 4
Drive Permanent 4WD
Hydraulic system Single-circuit
Joystick n/a
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 950 (at the ball joint)
Front lift n/a
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
PTO engagement control Mechanical
Service brakes Drum brakes acting on rear wheels
Cabin n/a

n/a = not available

Running order weight: 1040 kg

Dimensions in millimeters (mm)


Tyres: 210/95 R16
Engine speed: 3000 rpm

Winning features.

  1. Kubota engine with 25 hp and max torque of 71.5 Nm.
  2. New fuel tank of 43 litres for long operating time.
  3. Gearbox levers positioned under the steering wheel to allow maximum accessibility to the driver’s seat.
  4. Generous hydraulic system with the possibility of installing up to a maximum of 6 hydraulic outlets.
  5. Compact dimensions and steering with hydrostatic steering for maximum manoeuvrability even in the tightest spaces.
  6. Appealing look with dual work lights built into the bonnet and new graphic design.

Generous engine.

The Invictus 35 range is equipped with a 3-cylinder Kubota engine which develops a 25 hp @3000 rpm – fully compliant with the Stage V emissions regulations.

Water cooled, it ensures smooth and gradual power supply with minimum fuel consumption.

The exhaust pipe is located inside the front bumpers, freeing the bonnet from protruding elements.

The opening system of the tractor’s bonnet provides full access to the engine, facilitating routine maintenance operations.



The 12-speed gearbox (8 in forward and 4 in reverse) with easy gear engagement makes it possible to always select the most appropriate gear for the job at hand, exploiting the power of the engine.

The maximum speed of 30 km/h also facilitates fast travel within the farm or on urban roads.

Permanent four-wheel drive, the front and rear differential with simultaneous locking, as well as the unique OS-Frame with +/-15° oscillation between the front and rear axles, ensure the tractor has maximum grip on the ground.


The hydraulic system consists of a gear pump with a flow rate of 16.5 l/min and can supply up to 6 rear hydraulic outlets for the use of a wide range of equipment.

The 540 rpm PTO is transmission-dependent and synchronised for coupling with small self-propelled trailers or agricultural equipment requiring synchronisation with the tractor’s forward speed.

Comfort and safety.

The driver’s seat is tailor-made for the driver with all controls ergonomically positioned and easy to operate for full control of the tractor and equipment at all times.

Gearbox levers are positioned under the steering wheel to allow maximum accessibility to the driver’s seat.

The dashboard with its modern and elegant design houses the control instrumentation that provides the operator with all necessary data on the status of the tractor.

The service brakes, drum brakes acting on the rear wheels, guarantee modular and safe braking.