Disc mowers

Rotex Edelweiss

AS5  |  AS6  |  AS7

Lightweight and compact front-mounted disc mower, for mowing on steep slopes.


Range of lightweight front-disc mowers, ideal for mowing fodder in the mountains and, in general, on steep slopes.

The minimum power absorption at PTO means that the Rotex Edelweiss can also be applied to lower power tractors, reversible isodiametric tractors and special mountain tractors.

No. of discs 5
WEIGHT 450 kg


  • Ultra compact design
  • Light alloy gearbox
  • Protections in synthetic fabric

make the Rotex Edelweiss essential for mowing slopes where lightness and proximity of the mower to the tractor are fundamental characteristics to work better.



Technical Data

Rotex Edelweiss - AS5

Assembly Front
Type Disc mower
No. of discs 5
Cutting width (mm) 2050
Max. width in transport condition (mm) 2050
Conditioner No
PTO power (HP) 40
Weight (kg) 450 *

* with Standard hitch.


  • Control support in light alloy with gears in oil bath.
  • Clutch and free wheel as standard to protect the transmission.
  • Bar balancing by springs.
  • Different types of tractor hitching frames to make them compatible with all the tractors on the market.
  • Central articulated joint for bar oscillation of +/- 5° and perfect adaptation to the profile of the soil. A pin makes it possible to lock it during road transfer.
  • Hydraulic displacement (optional), to improve load distribution when operating on slopes.
  • Side protections made of synthetic fabric are reclining to reduce the overall size of the machine during travel.

Cutting unit.

  • Cutter bar with gears in oil bath protected by wear-resistant skids and baffles in the blade overlap zones.
  • Disc-holding flanges with safety pins to protect internal parts in case of strong bumps of the discs against stones or obstacles.
  • Mud scraper discs, made of special steel, equipped with cleaning flaps.
  • Conveyor cones, mounted on the first and last disc, to facilitate swathing of the cut grass.
Rotex XT-XR

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