Stage V | DT tractors

Vivid 35

26 hp (Stage V) compact traditional tractor. Rigid chassis and differentiated wheels.


4WD traction, short wheel base and large turning angles make Vivid 35 an agile and high performing multi-functional tractor.

From transportation operations inside the farm to work in the field and in vineyard and orchard rows, from greenhouses and nurseries to professional greens maintenance and typical winter use by municipalities.

A machine that offers the benefits of the BCS brand: compact dimensions, reliability, comfort and safety.

Transmission 12+12
POWER 26 hp
Driving position monodirectional
MIN. WIDTH 1112 mm

Technical Data

Kohler KDW 1404 – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 18.8 / 25.6
Nominal speed (rpm) 3000
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement (cm3) 1372
Aspiration Natural
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 78 / 2000
Type DT
Chassis Rigid with steering wheels
Driving position Monodirectional
Transmission 12 + 12
Synchronized reverser Yes
Drive 4WD with front-wheel drive disengagement
Hydraulic system Single-circuit
Joystick n/a
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 750 (at the ball joint)
Front lift Optional
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
PTO engagement control Mechanical
Service brakes Multidisc in oil bath, acting on the rear wheels
Cabin n/a

n/a = not available

Running order weight: 1100 kg

Dimensions in millimeters (mm)


Tyres: 300/70 R20
Engine speed: 3000 rpm

Winning features.

  1. Synchronised gearbox (12 AV + 12 RM) with synchronised reverser.
  2. Four-wheel drive with front-wheel drive disengagement.
  3. Rear brakes multiple disc in oil bath.
  4. PTO independent from the gearbox and synchronised with the forward motion speed.
  5. Front lift (optional) with front and under-belly PTO at 1700 rpm.
  6. Generous hydraulic system with the possibility of installing up to a maximum of 6 hydraulic outlets.
  7. Wide range of optional devices: rear lift with position and draft control, “Kab” lowered seat, adjustable steering wheel, front weights and wheel weights, tyres with Tractor or Garden profile.

Generous engine.

In the power class below 19 kW, the new Kohler KDW 1404 – fully compliant with the Stage V emissions regulations – proves to be a generous engine because with 4 cylinders and 1400 cubic centimetres, it delivers a torque of 78 Nm.

The addition of the rpm regulator makes the engine more ready and offers better response to loads.

The opening system of the tractor’s bonnet provides full access to the engine, facilitating routine maintenance operations.


Driver’s seat.

The driver’s seat of Vivid 35 was designed to-measure for the driver with all of the controls set up ergonomically and easy to use.

Cushioned seat, adjustable based on the operator’s weight, height-adjustable steering wheel (optional) to configure the driver’s seat for the maximum operational comfort.

A modern dashboard with analogue instruments offers total control of the tractor’s status.

Hydrostatic steering acting on the front wheels guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and reduced turning radii to work better even in tight spaces.