‘Space Clima’ cab

Top habitability.

The BCS approved cabs are designed and built with extreme attention to the smallest details to guarantee pleasant habitability and without damaging the rich vegetation that one is operating in.

The new ‘Space Clima’ cab with 6 uprights is characterised by a large amount of room, thanks to a larger footboard, and offers excellent ergonomics in both traditional-drive and reverse driver’s seat position.

The glazed windows and portholes at the bottom and on the roof, offer an excellent view of the wheel track, attachments and surroundings.



Rich standard equipment.

The steel monocoque structure is built on a suspended platform on a silent-block, completely independent from the tractor’s chassis, to dampen vibrations and noise.

Side uprights matching the body colour, rotating lamp and LED taillights give the cab a modern look.

Inside, the ‘Space Clima’ cab is equipped with all the comforts:

  • ventilation, heating and air-conditioning system,
  • fabric seat,
  • internal lighting,
  • roll-up sun-shade,
  • car radio preparation,
  • 12 V unipolar socket useful for powering additional equipment, joysticks or monitors.

Optimal temperature… always.

The cab roof is complete with six air diffusers and two recirculation diffusers to ensure an optimal temperature both during hot summer days and cold winter days.

Furthermore, all knobs and switches are grouped logically and easily operated.

Illuminated work area.

The four work lights, two adjustable rear LED lights and two front lights built-into the roof of the cab, together with the full LED tractor’s optical units, light up the work area for safe and precise operation even at night or with low visibility conditions.

The periodic maintenance of the filters and the air conditioning system is extremely quick and simplified thanks to the easily accessible compartments and the fixing knobs that can be loosened without the use of spanners.