StarGate hydrostatic transmission

Greater comfort in total safety.

Unlike mechanical transmission, the hydrostatic transmission allows the speed of the machine to be adjusted continuously, that is without having to stop and change gear.

The continuous speed change, in both directions, also takes place independently, both from the PTO as well as from the engine’s rotation speed.

Speed variation and direction reversal are obtained using the EasyGrip lever control with a dual advantage:

  • no intervention on clutch and gear levers
  • the attachment remains in motion


The work conditions are thus more relaxed and comfortable, especially in difficult operational situations, on uneven ground, during manoeuvres around obstacles or at the end of the field.

Technical aspects and advantages of the innovation.


  1. Light alloy monolithic drive structure to make the machine easy to manoeuvre.
  2. Hydrostatic drive with integrated compact unit and mounted directly on the transmission box for greater effectiveness in two-wheel drive.
  3. PTO mechanically connected to the engine for minimum energy dissipation, torque always available for work and reduced heating and fuel consumption.
  4. The active and passive oil cooling system using the same gearbox and the airflow using the dedicated fan.
  5. Mechanical disengagement of the wheel axle in order to allow machine movement even with the engine turned off.
  6. Simplified maintenance with the whole hydrostatic component easily accessible and with the oil filter in common with the clutch circuit.

Motor mowers and two-wheel tractors with StarGate technology