New e-Valiant

The first 100% electric tractor by BCS.


Municipalities and modern farms increasingly aspire to operate in a more sustainable way by reducing exhaust and noise pollution emissions.

To help them in their mission BCS presents an isodiametric, compact and multifunctional tractor with an alternative power supply:

e-Valiant is in fact the first 100% electric tractor.

A specialised, lightweight tractor with an optional reversible driver’s seat, the e-Valiant is equipped with a 40 kW electric powertrain and retains the typical features of isodiametric tractors, having the same dimensions as the traditional version and being fully compatible with all existing equipment.



Application fields.

The major application fields of e-Valiant are:

  • in municipalities, for green maintenance work and snow removal in urban centres
  • in horticulture and animal husbandry, for use in enclosed areas, such as greenhouses and stables
  • in specialised agriculture, in all narrow space applications in vineyards and orchards.



Technical features.

  • Electrically powered isodiametric tractor.
  • 48 V lithium batteries with 36 kWh capacity.
  • Total installed electrical power: 40 kW.
  • Autonomy: 3 to 6 hours depending on application and working conditions.
  • Battery charging time with 6 kWh input: approx. 3 hours (20 to 80%) – approx. 5 hours (0 to 100%).
  • e-Valiant weight: 1700 kg.

Under the hood of the e-Valiant there are two electric engines: the first 16-kW engine is used for the hydraulic system, the power steering and the services while the second 25-kW engine is dedicated to the traction.

The mechanical transmission with a multi-plate in oil bath clutch is equipped with a 12-speed forward and 12-speed reverse gearbox with synchronised reverse shuttle.

The hydraulic system consists of a pump flanged to the dedicated electric engine and allows up to seven rear hydraulic outlets for the use of all modern equipment.

The power take-off is independent of the gearbox and synchronised with the forward drive.

Thanks to the reversible driving position, it is possible to use the attachment mounted on the rear lift with a front-mounted linkage for the benefit of working precision, operating comfort and safety.

The optimal distribution of loads on the two axles, combined with 4WD and the unique OS-Frame integral chassis with 15-degree oscillation between front and rear, guarantees the e-Valiant electric tractor’s stability even on uneven terrain.



Three different versions.

The e-Valiant series is available in three different versions, each designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the application fields in which it is intended to operate:

  • “AR” version with articulated frame and extremely small turning radii,
  • “RS” version with a chassis with steering wheels for use in sloping areas,
  • Exclusive “AR MICRO” version with articulated frame and reversibility as standard, narrow wheel track (only 95 cm overall width!) and Premium hydraulic system with increased flow pump, heat exchanger and flow divider.


e-Valiant, unveiled at Fieragricola 2024 in Verona, is the forerunner of the “Made in BCS” range of electric tractors that will soon include the e-Vanguard series characterised by high-end technical features, such as:

driver’s seat with platform suspended on silent-blocks, availability of air-conditioned cab, 540/540E double-speed rear PTO, hydraulic system with increased flow to both pumps, availability of electronically controlled joysticks, full-LED lighting.