The tractor that places artificial intelligence at the service of farming.

BCS introduces artificial intelligence into its line of high range isodiametric tractors and presents the AI-Tractor: the intelligent tractor.

Artificial intelligence, through the advanced control of numerous functions, allows the tractor’s performance to be optimised and driving comfort to be improved, guaranteeing the operator with maximum safety in different operating conditions.

AI-Tractor: Artificial Intelligence-Tractor.

The system optimises the use of the electro-hydraulic reverser, the clutch and the brakes in an intelligent manner: thanks to a series of electronic sensors on the tractor, the system continuously analyses the state of the machine and the environment it is in.

The artificial intelligence therefore intervenes by automatically selecting the most appropriate rule for the situation and supports the operator in completing the manoeuvre.

An expert and integrated control system in favour of safety, performance and eco-compatibility of the machine.

The optimal integration of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics has made it possible to achieve numerous objectives:

  • the work performance is high and constant throughout the day

  • the operator can concentrate more on the work in the field, rather than on driving the vehicle

  • fuel consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are significantly reduced

  • wear of the clutch components is limited.