Volcan 85 AI-Tractor - M.Y. 24

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Steering wide track tractor equipped with an intelligent system that optimises the use of the electro-hydraulic reverser, clutch and brakes.


MODEL YEAR 24: new driving position with more living space, hydraulic upgrade and full LED lights.


Volcan 85 MT AI-Tractor – M.Y. 24 is an isodiametric reversible tractor with EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser as standard, featuring a low centre of gravity and wide track for mowing forage in hilly and mountainous areas.

Artificial intelligence supports the operator in carrying out manoeuvres by automatically selecting the most appropriate clutch, brake and reverser engagement rules, based on the actual working and environmental situation of the tractor.

This results in a reduction in manoeuvring time, fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and machine wear, as well as increased safety and work output.

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Transmission 16+16 with EasyDrive®
POWER 75 hp
Driving position reversible

MT | Mountain

The OS-Frame with steering wheels, wide wheel track and the 4-wheel drive ensure stability and adherence even on the steep slopes of haymaking fields, in the mountains and on hills.

The standard set-up, with devices such as Self Cleaning System™ and Dual Floating System™ make the MT version super-specialised for municipality-related work or for fast and precise haymaking.

Technical Data

Volcan 85 AI-Tractor - M.Y. 24 - MT

Kohler KDI 2504 TCR – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 55.4 / 75.3
Nominal speed (rpm) 2300
Number of cylinders 4 in-line / 16 valves
Displacement (cm3) 2482
Aspiration Turbo / Intercooler
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 300 / 1500
Type Isodiametric with driving position with platform suspended on silent block, configured for haymaking on mountains
Chassis Steering wheels
Driving position Reversible
Transmission 16 + 16 with Easy Plus™ clutch and "Artificial Intelligence" that optimizes the management of the clutch, brakes and electro-hydraulic reverser
Synchronized reverser Yes
Electro-hydraulic power shuttle EasyDrive® Standard
Drive 4WD with front-wheel drive disengagement
Hydraulic system Dual circuit with independent pumps
Heat exchanger Yes
Joystick Optional. Proportional electronic control of lifts and control valves, potentiometer for adjusting the hydraulic flow rate, remote control for PTO engagement and throttle, storage armrest. Additional buttons to control AI-Tractor different driving mode
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 2300 (at the ball joint)
Front lift Optional, complete with front bumper and four front hydraulic outlets
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540 / 1000
PTO engagement control Electro-hydraulic
Service brakes Multidisc in oil bath with hydrostatic control acting on four wheels and hill start assist. Independent manoeuvring brakes acting on rear wheels
Cabin Standard: six-post semi-cab. Optional: 'Space Clima' with heating and air-conditioning system
Running order weight (with semi-cab): 2420 kg
Running order weight (with cab): 2500 kg

Dimensions in millimeters (mm)

Four driving modes.

Artificial Intelligence, through an advanced control system – entirely designed and developed by the BCS Group – allows the tractor’s performance to be optimised and driving comfort to be improved, guaranteeing maximum safety and performance in different operating conditions.

The system operates in four driving modes that can be selected by the operator via the display menu on the dashboard.

1. ‘QUICK REVERSE' driving mode.

Possibility of quickly reversing the direction of travel of the tractor using only the EasyDrive® control lever on the left of the steering wheel.

  • Artificial Intelligence manages the clutch, brake and accelerator, taking into account the state of the tractor (e.g. whether it is on a slope or on the flat and which gear is engaged) and allowing the operator to select different degrees of machine responsiveness when starting and braking.
  • This reversing mode is useful for haymaking, green maintenance, snow removal and wherever quick and easy reversing is required.
  • Advantages for the operator: greater driving comfort, rapid and efficient manoeuvring, less wear and tear on the machine.

2. ‘SLOW REVERSE’ driving mode.

Possibility of reversing the direction of travel of the tractor using only the EasyDrive® control lever on the left of the steering wheel.

Unlike the ‘Quick Reverse’ mode, when the shuttle is activated the machine stops for a few moments before progressively restarting, allowing the operator to coordinate the reversal with the steering wheel manoeuvres.

  • Artificial Intelligence handles the clutch, brake and accelerator, leaving the operator to select different degrees of machine responsiveness when starting and braking.
  • This reversing mode is useful when manoeuvring out of a row, when cutting grass where there are obstacles or when handling heavy loads such as bins of fruit or liquids.
  • Advantages for the operator: greater driving comfort and efficiency when manoeuvring, minimising the risk of accidental collisions with crops, less wear and tear on the machine.

3. ‘BRAKE AND GO’ driving mode.

The tractor can be controlled by only using the brake pedal.

As soon as the operator presses the brake pedal, the clutch opens immediately, allowing the tractor to pull in precisely. By releasing the brake pedal, the tractor, without recoiling, resumes its previous speed, also on a slope and with a load.

On a slope, when the brake pedal is pressed, the brake servo is activated to help the driver perform the necessary manoeuvres of pulling over and then starting again.

  • Artificial Intelligence takes care of the clutch, brakes, accelerator and reverse, managing slowdowns, stops, restarts and allowing the operator to select different degrees of machine responsiveness when starting and braking.
  • This driving mode is useful for activities that require the use of the PTO and the need to keep the engine speed steady, as it allows you to control stopping and starting with just the brake pedal.
  • Benefits for the operator: higher levels of driving comfort, manoeuvring precision and operational safety combined with fuel savings and reduced machine wear.

4. ‘FORKLIFT’ driving mode.

The tractor behaves in a similar way to an electric or hydrostatic lift truck.

The operator can approach the load to be lifted slowly and with the necessary precision, using only the accelerator pedal or, alternatively, a specific button on the joystick, automatically engaging the clutch and using or not using the brake depending on whether the tractor is operating on plain or mountainous terrain.

  • The Artificial Intelligence manages the clutch, brakes, accelerator and also the reverse gear smoothly, without jerks, giving the operator the option to select different travel speeds.
  • This driving mode is useful when using the tractor with a forklift and for work requiring fixed engine speeds, such as when using a mulcher or sprayer.
  • Advantages for the operator: high driving comfort and maximum operational precision in approach manoeuvres.

Advanced features.

All AI-Tractor vehicles are also equipped with advanced features that assist the driving options and are available to the operator, regardless of the method selected at the time.

Easy Plus™ clutch.

Easy Plus™ clutch

Always smooth and progressive engagements.

The multidisc clutch in oil bath with hydraulic control is controlled by a new software that filters any poor use of the clutch pedal by the operator, avoiding jerky start-up.

Thanks to the Easy Plus™ clutch, progressive engagement is guaranteed, without jerky movements and wear.

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Hill start assist.

The system locks the tractor on a slope for a predetermined time after the brake pedal is released, allowing the driver to safely manage the start by using the clutch and accelerator pedals to gradually adjust the required power.

The tractor starts smoothly and without any recoil only after the clutch has been released, even if the operator releases the pedal abruptly.


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Safety and opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to identify potentially dangerous situations and intervene with appropriate measures.

However, manual controls always have priority, for safety reasons, over any driving mode selected, to ensure that the last word is exclusively to the driver.

Standard with AI-Tractor:

EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser

Total control.

Optionally, the transmission can be equipped with the exclusive EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser (standard on AI-Tractor).

The practical lever, on the left of the steering wheel, allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without using the clutch pedal and without lifting the hands from the steering wheel, while always keeping the vehicle control at all times.

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Inversore EasyDrive

Air suspension seat

Air suspension “Grammer” seat with lumbar support and backrest adjustment for maximum comfort.


Front bumper

Robust steel accessory that combines style and functionality by protecting the bonnet and radiator grille from impact.

In the configuration with front lift, it integrates the linkage of third point tie rod.