Garden series

Ma.Tra. 160


Lawn mower with hydrostatic transmission.


The Ma.Tra 160 is equipped with a front lawn mower and grass collector for grass cutting on quality surfaces such as gardens and small parks.

Intended for demanding individuals and garden caretakers, it can also be used to give the finishing touch to large areas and work under the canopy, in support to professional machines.

POWER 15 hp
Engine gasoline
Drive 2WD

Technical Data

Briggs&Stratton Vanguard V-Twin
Fuel Gasoline
Power (kW/HP) 11 / 15
Number of cylinders 2
Displacement (cm3) 479
Transmission Hydrostatic, with pedal control
Maximum speed (km/h) 10
Drive 2WD
Differential lock Yes, pedal operated
Driving system By steering wheel acting on the rear wheels
Cutting width (mm) 1130
Grass collector Yes
Grass collector real capacity (lt) 300
Max. discharge height (mm) On the ground
Cabin No
Approx. hourly working capacity (mq/h) 6000
Width 1190 mm
Length 2380 mm
Height 1230 mm
Weight 340 kg

Simple and pleasant use.

The single-range hydrostatic transmission offers simple and pleasant use: a single pedal, equipped with a damper for smooth and jerk-free drive, controls both the forward and reverse movements.

The pedal-operated front differential lock with automatic disengagement when released, offers greater adherence of the wheels to the ground even in conditions of high humidity.

The PTO clutch is electromagnetic with blade brake.

Ma.Tra. 160 trasmissione

Unrivalled agility and comfort.

The comfortable driving position is characterised by a sprung seat with right armrest, so as to make the work pleasant and stress-free, even after several hours of use.

A digital hour meter displays:

  • total hours worked
  • hours remaining to change the engine oil
  • hours remaining until greasing.

The steering wheel acts on the rear wheels and ensures minimum turning radii in order to easily mow even around plants and trees.

Ma.Tra. 160 comfort e agilità

3-Blade lawn mower.

Precise cut

The 113 cm front lawn mower, operated by a button, is positioned cantilevered with respect to the operator, offering a perfect view of the work area and a precise cut even under bushes and low branches.

The cutting height is adjusted (from a minimum of 30 mm to a maximum of 90 mm) directly from the driver’s seat using a lever with 7 different positions.

The cutting unit can be transformed into a mulching deck using the dedicated optional kit that pulverises the cut grass and deposits it directly on the lawn.

Ma.Tra. 160 tosaerba

The 3 blades

The lawn mower consists of 2 counter-rotating blades and a third small front blade, which create forced ventilation of the air-grass flow inside the loading tunnel that leads to the grass collector.

Maintenance and cleaning are made easier by the vertical position of the lawn mower.

Ma.Tra. 160 tosaerba

Large grass collector.

The 300-litre grass collector is equipped with:

  • tilting by button directly from the driver’s seat.
  • automatic closure of the door after unloading the grass.
  • throttle flow that optimises grass filling and compaction inside the collector.
  • grass loading tunnel easily removable for practical and fast inspection and cleaning.

With the basket full, the cutting unit blades automatically disengage to prevent clogging.

Ma.Tra. 160 cesto raccoglierba

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