Professional series

Ma.Tra. 300


Professional heavy duty mower with hydrostatic transmission.


Ma.Tra. 300 is a self-propelled, four-wheel drive machine for professional greens maintenance.

Extremely efficient both in cleaning and clearing rustic areas infested with brambles, shrubs and brushwood, and in cutting grass without collection in parks and roadsides.

Manoeuvrability, small turning radius, comfortable driving position and stability even on sloping terrain or with poor grip guarantee Ma.Tra. 300 high performance in all conditions of use.

POWER 26 hp
Engine diesel - Stage V
Drive 4WD

Technical Data

Yanmar 3TNV82A – Stage V
Fuel Diesel
Power (kW/HP) 19 / 26
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement (cm3) 1330
Transmission Hydrostatic double range (slow/fast) and pedal control
Maximum speed (km/h) 20
Drive 4WD with automatic disengagement of rear-wheel drive by engaging the fast range
Differential lock Yes, with pedal control
Driving system By steering wheel acting on the rear wheels
Cutting width (mm) 1400
Grass collector No
Cabin No
Without attachment With Muster With BladeRunner
Width 1300 mm 1590 mm 1560 mm
Length 2220 mm 3280 mm 2930 mm
Height 2360 mm (with roll-bar raised)
Wheelbase 1300 mm
Ground clearance 180 mm
Weight 1148 kg 1441 kg 1374 kg

High level performance.

Ma.Tra. 300 is fitted with a 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine achieving 26 hp at 2800 rpm.

Excellent thermal efficiency dramatically reduces both fuel consumption and pollutant emissions while performance is safeguarded by a high torque reserve.

The engine is placed in an elevated position to avoid overheating due to dust and debris raised by the cutting equipment at work.

Engine cooling is also ensured by a special self-cleaning mesh radiator assisted by a large-capacity suction fan.


Transmission and chassis.

The hydrostatic double-pedal transmission (forward/reverse) reacts promptly to the operator’s commands, allowing the two forward ranges to be exploited to the full:

  • Slow range for work (up to 10 km/h)
  • Fast transfer range (up to 20 km/h).

Four-wheel drive allows you to work safely and confidently even on slopes and uneven terrain without ever losing grip.

During transfers, on the other hand, the rear-wheel drive disengages automatically when the fast range is engaged.

The large ground clearance and the tilting rear axle allow the Ma.Tra. 300 to operate even on uneven terrain and easily overcome pavements and bumps.

Three differentials.

In addition to the traditional front and rear locking differentials, Ma.Tra. 300 adopts an anti-scalp third central differential with torque divider.

The central differential, placed between the two axles, eliminates the problem of turf damage in understeer reversing operations.

Absolute comfort.

The driving position is spacious and comfortable.

The integrated control instrumentation in the centre of the dashboard is clearly visible and all controls are ergonomically positioned and easy to operate.

The adjustable, sprung seat with armrests and high back, in conjunction with the tilt-adjustable steering column, keep the operator comfortable throughout the working day.

The steering wheel, with hydro-guide acting on the rear wheels, guarantees small turning radii and a relaxed driving position even in heavy-duty applications.

As standard, Ma.Tra. 300 is equipped with independent brakes on the front wheels, a robust folding roll-bar, seat belts and a road-legal LED lighting system.


Muster heavy duty mower.

Muster 140 cm

With a cutting width of 140 cm, it is the ideal attachment for:

  • heavy-duty clearing of rustic areas infested with shrubs, brambles and troublesome brushwood,
  • cutting grass without collection in parks and roadsides.


The cutting height adjustment between 25 and 85 mm is hydraulic and is done directly from the driver’s seat.


Two rotors

The unrivalled performance of the Muster is ensured by the special arrangement of the two horizontal rotors with differentiated blades:

  • the first rotor with toothed blades cuts the stems cleanly,
  • the second rotor with ‘Y’-shaped blades pulverises them, leaving the mow chopped up and evenly spread on the ground.

In uneven and rough terrain, an anti-scalp roller protects the surface, allowing the implement to follow and overcome depressions in the ground.


BladeRunner heavy duty mower.

BladeRunner 140 cm

With a cutting width of 140 cm, it is the specific attachment for:

  • the reclamation and maintenance of uncultivated land,
  • cutting grass without collection in parks and roadsides.


The cutting height adjustment between 15 and 65 mm is hydraulic and is done directly from the driver’s seat.


Single rotor

The ‘Y’ blades pulverise grass, brambles and brushwood and deposit them evenly across the entire cutting width.

Lightweight and compact with only one cutting rotor, the BladeRunner has a large front opening that allows it to mow tall, dense grass faster than professional mowers.

The rear anti-scalp roller protects the surface in rough and uneven terrain.

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