Zero Gravity

Patented dynamic lightening.

Dynamix R8 is equipped with a new double lightening system that allows the cutting unit to adapt perfectly to the morphology of the soil.

In addition to the traditional lightening, which is carried out by means of a hydro-pneumatic accumulator with nitrogen cylinder, there is the patented ‘Zero Gravity’ dynamic lightening.

The ‘Zero Gravity’ dynamic lightening, by varying continuously depending on the conditions of use, has the task of limiting the ground pressure of the cutter bar and reducing the tractor’s forward effort.




Advanced anti-shock function.

When the cutter bar encounters an obstacle during cutting (a large stone or the protruding part of a cut tree) the ‘Zero Gravity’ dynamic lightening causes the cutter bar to retract and lift off the ground at the same time, helping it to overcome the obstacle and protecting it from possible damage to internal parts.

Thanks to this hydro-mechanical kinematics and the anti-shock function with automatic return of the bar to working position, Dynamix R8 proves to be a light mower-conditioner on the ground guaranteeing a clean and uncontaminated fodder cut.


  1. Self-lightening during advance.
  2. Adaptation to terrain morphology.
  3. Improved fodder quality.
  4. Higher working speed.
  5. Lower fuel consumption.
  6. Impact protection thanks to the advanced anti-shock function.