Rear-mounted central suspension disc mower with chevron roller conditioners.


Super-professional rear-mounted mower-conditioner intended for the market of large areas and intensive agriculture, on flat or slight hillsides.

Equipped with a roller conditioner, Dynamix R8 has been designed for optimal use in combination with the Neva Avant front-mounted mower-conditioner, for an overall cutting width of over 6 m.

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No. of discs 8
WEIGHT 1380 kg

R | Roller conditioner

The chevron roller conditioner crushes the fodder ensuring a gentle but effective treatment of even the most fragile crops, minimising leaf loss.

Technical Data

Dynamix - R8

Assembly Rear
Type Disc mower-conditioner
No. of discs 8
Cutting width (mm) 3250
Max. width in transport condition (mm) 2225
Conditioner Chevron roller
PTO power (HP) 82
Hydraulic lift Standard
Weight (kg) 1380

Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity

Patented dynamic lightening.

Dynamix R8 is equipped with a brand new dual lightening system: traditional lightening is complemented by a dynamic, continuously variable lightening depending on operating conditions.

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Three-point hitch chassis.

The fixed chassis is adjusted by means of lower cat. 2 and 3 pins used to adjust the cutter bar with respect to the tractor wheel or the overlap when working in combination with a front-mounted mower.

Vertical folding allows the footprint to be kept within 4 metres in height.

Cutting unit.

  • Gearbox, with gears in an oil bath: made from spheroidal graphite cast iron to ensure maximum resistance to stress both during work and transfer.
  • Oil bath gear transmission: the sealed ball bearings and the large gears achieve an efficient power transmission to cutting discs.
  • Discs: with cleaning flaps ensure a constantly clean cutter bar.
  • Conveyor cones: mounted on the first and last disc provide a better flow of the cut fodder towards the conditioner.


  • Torque limiter and free wheel integrated in the transmission.
  • Disc-holding flanges with safety pins to protect internal parts in case of strong bumps of the discs against stones or obstacles.
  • Baffles in the knife overlap zones to protect the bar should a blade bend upon contact with an obstacle.
  • Wear-resistant skids to favour lower resistance to inching and guarantee a long life of the cutter bar.


  • Roller conditioner: made of polyurethane, lightweight with high abrasion resistance.
  • Chevron ribbing: allows the two rollers to work in an interlocking fashion, flattening the plant’s stalk to allow rapid drying.
  • Upper swing roller: to protect the conditioner and keep it intact in the presence of foreign bodies.
  • Conditioning pressure: adjustable with the possibility of inhibition.