BCS specialized tractors

The most complete range

Highly specialised.

The BCS range of specialized tractors consists of high-performance, reliable and multifunctional machines with small dimensions and high manoeuvrability.

The structural characteristics with short wheelbase and low centre of gravity, combined with the power of the engines and exclusive technologies, make BCS tractors indispensable:

  • in row crops,
  • vineyards,
  • orchards,
  • greenhouses,
  • in mowing fodder in hilly or mountainous areas,


as well as making them appreciated by municipalities for:

  • green maintenance work,
  • street cleaning,
  • snow removal.


Equipped with approved cabs, BCS tractors feature a comfortable and cosy driving position.

Design, ergonomics and safety are also mixed in an original and exclusive way.



ISODIAMETRIC – Tractors with four equal wheels and a cantilevered engine.

SDT DIFFERENTIATED WHEELS – Tractors with unequal wheels and a cantilevered engine.

COMPACT – Traditional short wheelbase tractors.




AR – Chassis with central articulation, narrow wheel track and contained turning radii.

RS – Chassis with steering wheels, stability and adherence for use also in sloping areas.

DUALSTEER® – Chassis with central articulation and steering wheels for unrivalled manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

MT – Chassis with steering wheels, configured for mowing fodder on hills and mountains.