Mower-conditioners for any need.

A complete range of disc mowers with conditioner for up to 50% reduction of the drying time of the fodder.

Available rear-mounted and with side (Rotex XR) or central suspension (Dynamix) or front-mounted with rigid (Rotex Avant NT) or parallelogram chassis (Neva Avant), the BCS mower-conditioners are intended for haymaking on medium and large areas and on all types of terrain.

Rear-mounted disc mower-conditioners.

ROTEX XR are side disc mowers with chevron roller conditioners intended for intensive farming looking for light and high-performing machines for mowing and conditioning fodder on medium and large-sized areas.

The limited weight and the perfect balance of the bar make the ROTEX XR applicable to all types of tractors as well as in combination with front-mounted mowers.


DYNAMIX are, instead, super-professional rear-mounted disc mower-conditioners with central suspension, intended for the market of large areas, on flat or slight hillsides.




Front-mounted disc mower-conditioners.

The ROTEX AVANT NT are front-mounted disc mowers with chevron roller conditioner.

Designed for mowing and conditioning fodder on any type of terrain or in combination with rear-mounted mowers, the ROTEX AVANT NT can be applied to traditional tractors and to reversible isodiametric tractors.

Mower-conditioners for large areas.

NEVA AVANT are super-professional front mower-conditioners, intended for large areas and intensive farming.

Exclusive technological content, reliability and working speed are only some of the strengths of the NEVA AVANT range.