Power Clutch System

Quick shifting for maximum operational comfort.

Using the button located on both the reverser lever and the gear shift lever, the operator can change the direction of the tractor or change speed without pressing the clutch pedal.

This results in less driver fatigue and increased productivity as downtime due to stops required for changing gears or directions is drastically reduced.



“Power Clutch System” button.

By pressing the ‘Power Clutch System’ button, the clutch is disengaged and it is possible to select a different drive direction or a different gear.

When the button is released, the clutch is engaged.



Electro-hydraulic clutch at top.

This function, unique among isodiametric tractors, is possible thanks to the new vehicle control unit of very high automotive standards, with software developed by the BCS Group, that has allowed us to get the most from the electro-hydraulic clutch.