Garden series

Ma.Tra. 140


Heavy duty mower with hydrostatic transmission.


The Ma.Tra 140 is equipped with an under-belly heavy duty mower for cutting grass, scrub and shrubs without collection on uncultivated areas.

Intended for demanding individuals and garden caretakers, it ensures, thanks to the low centre of gravity, safe mowing even on steep slopes and uneven grounds.

It is also the ideal vehicle for work under the tree canopy.

POWER 15 hp
Engine gasoline
Drive 2WD

Technical Data

Briggs&Stratton Vanguard V-Twin
Fuel Gasoline
Power (kW/HP) 11 / 15
Number of cylinders 2
Displacement (cm3) 479
Transmission Hydrostatic, lever operated
Maximum speed (km/h) 9,5
Drive 2WD
Differential lock Yes, pedal operated
Driving system By steering wheel, acting on the front wheels
Cutting width (mm) 850
Grass collector No
Cabin No
Approx. hourly working capacity (mq/h) 6000
Width 1030 mm
Length 2000 mm
Height 960 mm
Weight 280 kg

Within everyone’s reach.

The hydrostatic transmission, single-range with lever forward motion command, offers a simple, pleasant use and within everyone’s reach.

The differential lock with pedal control, offers greater adherence of the wheels on steep slopes or on particularly uneven grounds.

The PTO clutch is electromagnetic with blade brake and automatic disengagement when the heavy duty mower is raised to the travel position to overcome curbs or obstacles.

MaTra 140 trasmissione

Pleasant and stress-free work.

The comfortable driving position is characterised by easily operated ergonomic controls and a sprung seat with armrests so as to make the work pleasant and stress-free, even after several hours of use.

The steering wheel acts on the front wheels and ensures minimum turning radii in order to be able to mow trouble-free in tight spaces and around trees.

MaTra 140 posto di guida

Total safety.

The low height from the ground of the driver’s seat and the perfect weight distribution on the axles equipped with wheels with Tractor tread, make the Ma.Tra 140 extremely stable and safe in dealing with slopes or terrain with poor adherence.

The service brakes with pedal control act on the front wheels.

MaTra 140 sicurezza

Single-blade heavy duty mower.

The 85 cm single-blade heavy duty mower with rear discharge makes it possible to mow and shred large amounts of grass and shrubs, even woody ones.

The cutting unit is driven by a button located near the steering wheel.

The cutting height is adjusted directly from the driver’s seat using a lever with 6 different positions plus a seventh for travel.

The plate cleaning and maintenance are made easy by the liftable side protection doors.

Ma.Tra. 140 trinciaerba

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